Acer Iconia A200 Tablet

jojo76, May 9, 1:36am
I was just looking at 2nd hand tablets on here and noticed there are a few A200 being sold by acer they are ex demo rerbished etc, they still come with a 12 month warranty.
I am not after a flash to check emails, play angry birds, watch movies.will this tablet do!
My budget is max $400
Thank you

lucus2011, May 9, 1:39am
That'd do the trick for you, a friend has one and it would be good for what you are wanting to use it for. 12 month warranty is a definate plus!

lopsta5, May 9, 4:57am
We have one. Its great for a cheaper tablet. It also has a full size usb port so you can plug in an external hard drive with movies on it and watch them if you wanted. We use it when the other person is on the laptop. Its very handy. Also my wife has a few games on it.

jojo76, May 10, 1:48am
I also found a A500, which apprently has 4.0 Android (icecream installed) I did'nt think it was avaliable to NZ yet, how would they have done it!

hapukanz, May 10, 3:01am
I have one and It suits my needs just fine.
We had a friend form the UK visit a couple months back and bough with them their I-Pad. we "compared notes" and the unanimous view was that they preferred my Acer to their I-Pad. I think proprietary connector and the lack of a "normal" USB port was an issue as wasthe lack of A SD card slot.
So if they are cheap then my view would be go get one

hapukanz, May 10, 3:02am
OH and we used it as a GPS device, Internet connection, and a Movie storage device when we went on a camper van holiday. So it proved very useful.
Has quite a good battery life too compared to a laptop.

hapukanz, May 10, 3:03am
You can "hack" the ACER and load up whatever OS you want,

dann2, May 10, 5:36am
Acer are updating ics ota now. Have been running for 2 days now on A500 and all good

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