Adsl modem flashing, yet ive not any programmes ru

domaine, May 8, 9:01am
I turn power on at wall and turn pc on and modem lights flashing all the while , even before i have loaded a browser
how can check what is running or actually loading into my pc
i look at task manager but that doesnt say anything

sleuth, May 8, 9:05am
Possibly your antivirus trying to register to update

sleuth, May 8, 9:09am
There is a small program called autoruns you can download here

Will tell you what is running at system bootup

wombatunder, May 8, 9:15am
Actually, you're wrong about ".not any programmes [sic] running".If the modem lights (plural) are flashing then the network subsystem on your PC is running.Consult the manual about what each of the lights indicate;but one will show it is connected to the Internet (ADSL or a picture of a globe), one will be a power indicator and there will be one for each device that is cable-connected to it.The ADSL light will go flick-flick-flick when the modem is polling the service and responding to it (it's called "handshaking").Data ports flash rapidly when data is coming down the line (or going up).

If you're in the habit of switching the PC off when you aren't using it, then a solid signal at a data port on startup most likely means your anti-virus and/or other apps are updating your local data.

drcspy, May 8, 9:30am
in simple language the modem is communicating with the'd see the flashing lights even if you unplugged the phone line from the modem

drsr, May 8, 9:35am
If you have Windows 7 you can use Resource Monitor to see what programs on your PC are accessing the network:

little_egypt, May 8, 7:46pm
There are LOTS of things in Windows that communicate in the background when you're not actively doing things. Windows updates, antivirus updates, automated updaters for other software such as adobe, java, google,a regular spew of SMB messages and DNS requests, NTP requests .

Press windows-R and type cmd, then in the 'dos box' type netstat and you'll see lots of stuff that makes no sense at all. It's a list of things on your machine that are using the network, or sitting around listening for other things to connect.

domaine, May 9, 8:42am
re lights flashing.When im writing this, the modem lights are still , no flashing so no data , in or out. When a youtube vid comes in , lights go mad , obvious data when i turn modem and pc on, yes modem will flash when it connects to provider , then generally quieten until next order from keyboard or programme.but last weeks . while pc boots up and after modem connects. lost flashing so obviously data in or out. I just want to check who or what., so yes thanks to advisors

dodoman, May 9, 9:38am
Hey there, is it a wireless modem or only ethernet!

drcspy, May 9, 10:06am
which lights flash is VERY important.they ARE generally labelled

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