bittorrent clients

eztrader, Jun 21, 9:11pm
Bittorrent clients i need a good one without any spyware crap any suggestions

flewy, Jun 21, 9:11pm

eztrader, Jun 21, 9:18pm
Nice search engine but no good for torrents dude

rhys.m, Jun 21, 9:19pm
UTorrent .

domiqe1, Jun 21, 9:24pm
I highly recommend utorrent set ur port to 65535 and youll be all good for d/l

flewy, Jun 21, 9:29pm
Re 3 its the best for torrents.

kylea_damien, Jun 22, 12:36am
Utorrent, not sure why you were told what port to use just hit random and make sure its forwarded on your router.

cessna3, Jun 22, 1:04am
Try simple & fast

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