ZoneAlarm free antivirus

This comes with the latest Zonealarm free firewall update but conflicts with Avast antivirus. I need to uninstall one of them.I have found Avast to be excellent but not sure how good Zonealarm antivirus is. Should I uninstall Avast since I don't think you can uninstall Zonealarm antivirus without uninstalling their firewall as well!

geek_paulmc, May 8, 4:35 pm

Uninstall all of Zone Alarm. Uninstall Avast, install MS Security Essentials.

geek_lythande1, May 8, 4:44 pm

Uninstall all of Zone Alarm. Leave Avast. Install Comodo Firewall (untick all except the firewall).

geek_r.g.nixon, May 8, 5:37 pm

could be that your not meant to have 2 antivirus prog's as they each will conflict - but id do as everyone has mentioned and get rid of them - except id install nod32 , with its firewall

geek_trade_menow, May 8, 9:40 pm

Thanks for all of your replies.Better do something now as the conflicting antiviruses seems to have caused the computer to freeze twice in the last hour.Will uninstall Zone Alarm.I like Avast so will keep it and install Comodo firewall.

geek_paulmc, May 8, 10:55 pm

Not impressed with Comodo so far. Didn't see any option to untick anything.Have all installed.Cant uninstall Zone Alarm.Got the message "Zone Alarm cannot be installed on a system already has Comodo Internet Security Installed. Your System doesn't meet the installation Requirement."

geek_paulmc, May 9, 12:32 am

Just remove zone alarm no need for one, your router has a good firewall plus the windows one.

geek_johnf_456, May 9, 12:35 am

That's what I was trying to do but got the message I mentioned above when I clicked on 'remove'

geek_paulmc, May 9, 12:54 am

Googled the error message and found a Zone Alarm removal tool. So far so good.Just hoping Comodo Internet Security, which I presume is a firewall and antivirus, doesn't conflict with Avast as it has only one listing in 'add or remove programmes' therefore can't have only the antivirus component uninstalled.

geek_paulmc, May 9, 1:23 pm

Update.Just found that in the start menu, Comodo has a 'add/remove components' which says that the firewall is installed but the antivirus was unticked.Problem solved!

geek_paulmc, May 9, 1:29 pm