IPad3 16gb vs Ipad3 32gb

My 12 year old has saved up enough money for a 16gb iPad. He wants to use it for youtube, some gaming, downloading, internet surfing etc. He wants to know if 16gb is sufficient or should he save up a bit more and buy a 32gb one!

geek_timortracie, Apr 14, 1:55 pm

Keep saving and go for the 32gb.

geek_massived, Apr 14, 2:21 pm

Save a bit more and get the 32gb.
It says something that the 32gb and 64gb were all sold out reasonably quickly after release, but there were ample 16gb versions available. There is only a $150 difference after all.
Good luck, I bet your son will love it.

geek_cjohnw, Apr 14, 2:33 pm

Tell him to keep saving!

geek_everglade4fun, Apr 14, 7:02 pm

Why the hell! Unless their is a hardware difference between the 16g version and the other ones (besides the HD)! You might need bigger storage is you want to carry all your media with you all the time. If you are only using it at home suggest you get familiar with streaming. You can actually stream pretty much anything over LAN with apps like airplayit. For what the OP requires I would be pretty surprised that you would need more than 16g. I got a 16g ipad2 and I quite happy with it.

geek_acura, Apr 14, 10:48 pm

Depends a lot on what exactly he wants to use it for - many games are upwards of 1GB, and apps are only going to get larger in the future as they are updated to take advantage of the ultra-high resolution display

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 15, 9:11 pm