CD and DVD printer?

kevin16, Apr 12, 10:16pm
any recommendations for a decent printer for printable disks!

boybad, Apr 12, 10:30pm
New burners have LightScribe built in.

kevin16, Apr 12, 10:45pm
I already use lightscribe, I'm looking for something to use on 'printable' disks, they're much cheaper,.

hakatere1, Apr 12, 11:15pm
I got a Canon Pixma ip4500. Cheap as chips from dse and use carts from inkvenus, way cheaper. I've had printer two or three years, so model may be different name now. Goes great, no complaints at all.!p=339878

gj, Apr 12, 11:52pm
iP4500 may be hard to find now - also look at Canon iP4950 which is a higher spec and around $140

exwesty, Apr 13, 8:43pm
Still looking!

I can list a brand new Epson stylus photo TX700w with wireless printing, display screen, scanner, and CD/ DVD printing.

gj, Apr 13, 8:52pm
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gyrogearloose, Apr 13, 10:50pm
I bought a Canon MG5250, this has a scanner and wireless as well as the CD printing, and replaced the standard 525/526 cartridges with 520/521 which are the same size but have a clear strip on the side which makes it easier to refill from the big bottles of ink. I needed to swap the chips which takes all of 30 seconds.

velenski, Apr 13, 10:51pm
i use a vivid.

kevin16, Apr 13, 11:22pm
as you do, just want to tidy that up a bit,.
and try something new,.

markie4, Apr 13, 11:36pm
I've only tried this using a pixma canon, trouble free.

thewomble1, Apr 14, 8:47am
Some of the Epson printers print to disc and you can refill the cartridges saving heaps of money.

chnman, Apr 14, 9:00am
I have exact same model - iP4500 and the printing onto disc is great. The updated model on Canon NZ website currently is iP4700 and it is similar.

chnman, Apr 14, 9:02am
iP4700 is an updated model of the iP4500 and iP4600 and is the model on Canon NZ website currently.

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