can anyone please tell me if acer touch all in one desktops are any good,as i;m thinking of buying one and don;t know any thing about them.
not much good with computers and don;t know what to look out for and not to touch.,any help would help alot thanx

geek_cindygirl, Apr 14, 5:20 pm

There isn't anyone here that would recommend Acer as a first choice - or a fifth choice for that matter.Touch Screens aren't that great to use unless it functions like a tablet or smart phone, Windows 8 when it comes out will be more suited to it.

geek_babcorp, Apr 14, 5:27 pm

thanks babcorp, what brand would you recommend then,as i don;t know anybody to ask

geek_cindygirl, Apr 14, 5:32 pm

Most people get laptops nowadays, also they are cheap as chips too nowadays. Any particular reason you want a desktop!

geek_markie4, Apr 14, 5:36 pm

no thought just to replace mine,what do you suggest markie4

geek_cindygirl, Apr 14, 5:44 pm