I Want to transmit camera footage over 3g . . . .

thepuppydad, Apr 13, 6:12am
and need to find a method that doesnt use much bandwidth.Currently im using logmein to remotly login to the computer to view the footage, but that uses alot of bandwidth.I only want a refresh rate of 1fps at a low resoulution of about 640x480

mattie47, Apr 13, 6:27am
This is pretty awesome: http://www.webcamxp.com/home.aspx and you can then access it from your web browser. That set up on the pc with something like DynDNS (Article here on what that is: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/connect-home-network-dyndns/) should probably be exactly what you're after.

fingerscrossed2, Apr 13, 6:28am
what distance are the cameras from where you wish to view the footage are you wanting live feeds or to view recorded files only .3g will most likely cost you a whole lot more i wouldn't recommend this id at all unless really needed Are your cams ip some details about the camera setup would be useful for people here to consider the best options for you

thepuppydad, Apr 13, 6:32am
ok, the cameras are in-vehicle, so 3g is the only option.The cameras are already connected to a DVR, and what im hoping to do its throw in a splitter so the camera is still going to the DVR, but also going to a laptop (with a usb DVR) thats got a 3g modem.Im currently using software called activewebcam, and then logmein remote desktop to view the footage remotely.logmein is great too because i can view it live from the ipad.

fingerscrossed2, Apr 13, 6:49am
ok i got you i set something similar up for a council so you remote log on to the laptop to the view footage from the dvr !

thepuppydad, Apr 13, 6:52am
I dont access the security camera DVR.I have the security camera with two data leads, one to the DVR and one to the laptop.I then just open the camera feed on the laptop, which is how i see it when i remote desktop into the laptop from my ipad or another computer.I hope that makes sense

spyware, Apr 13, 7:04am
So these are IP cameras!

spyware, Apr 13, 7:10am
If analog or IP cameras going to a DVR wouldn't it be more sensible toconnect the 3g device to the DVR and run the DVR software across the connection!

fingerscrossed2, Apr 13, 7:10am
yup make sense ok what i used was an ip camera with cat 6 from the cam to recored on the laptop i set it up to record short clips about a minute i think this way keeping the files small and the refresh rate to once a minutei then used telecom xt t stick which i foundit to be the most reliable don't know about christchurch ! from there i use team viewer on i phone log me in is the same by using the save files on the laptop systemi could delete files remotely as well or email them to who ever or download to my phone or view live the bandwidth was about 2gb a month around $50.00

spyware, Apr 13, 7:12am
If analog then splitting the composite leads and capturing on laptop is a very ugly thought let alone a good solution to anything.

Please make clear whether these cameras are analog, IP or webcams (usb leads).

fingerscrossed2, Apr 13, 7:16am
have to be analog for that setup i would say.

spyware, Apr 13, 7:19am
OK, dump the analog and replace with IP cameras. Use activewebcam to capture mjpeg or H.264 stream and record. Connect across 3g link using a web browser tpointing o the py webserver component of activewebcam and access recordings.

fingerscrossed2, Apr 13, 7:22am
and what if the dvr doesn't have lan connections!

spyware, Apr 13, 7:36am
If analog cameras to a DVR then connect DVR to 3G and use its native client software across the link. DVR client software runs over adsl connections and quite likely up bound bit rate over 3G is equivalent.

thepuppydad, Apr 13, 7:37am
SORRY the cameras are analogue.Its not for a permanent setup, just so we can remotely view the footage over a few days.Will the camera quality be affected much by using a BNC splitter!

thepuppydad, Apr 13, 7:39am
i dont have access to the DVR, so thats out of the equation unfortunately

spyware, Apr 13, 7:48am
So your 3G device can only be a vodem or tstick!

thepuppydad, Apr 13, 7:50am
yes, 2degrees. I have all the equipment, cables, splitter, laptop, modem, just need a method the wont use much data

spyware, Apr 13, 7:59am
In principle activewebcam/webserver solution would be ideal for low bitrate links but would still push them to the limit if allowed.The software may allow an upper bitrate to be defined but even so a continuous stream at 500 kbps would be 5 GB/day and you wouldn't get more than 1 fps.

thepuppydad, Apr 13, 8:18am
1fps is all i need, and a low resolution is fine. i have 10gb left on the 2degrees stick that will go to waste if i dont use it, so all good.will trial it anyway and see how it goes.

spyware, Apr 13, 8:39am
What analog capture device are you using!

thepuppydad, Apr 13, 9:29am
Its an avlabs usb capture device. Model avl681b.It works with the camera

mattie47, Apr 13, 9:56am
Sad that you ignored my advice. logmein probably isn't the best way of doing it, when the app you're using (activewebcam) has a webserver feature built in. Combine that with DynDNS as I said above, and you can view the cam from any web browser (yes including your ipad). You'd be using more data going over logmein, than viewing from a web server session. I'm not familiar with activewebcam but it does say it has the function. As above, webcamxp also has it.

thepuppydad, Apr 13, 12:19pm
Sorry mattie, i have those links open in the back ground so i can read up on it tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion :-P

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