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barrie2, Apr 11, 10:52pm
Why does my older brother (70) get no sound from speakers on his pc. He gets "No device detected" or "No device installed".He has been 'messing' with it trying to get sound - as he used to! As he is 12,000 miles away it is not easy to pop over to check so any help would be appreciated in "70 years old laymans" language.

fingerscrossed2, Apr 11, 11:04pm
most likely the sound card drivers need more infomation make model os if he updated anything abit hard to help with no info on his system laptop desktop !

skin1235, Apr 11, 11:08pm
ask him to download and install 'everest home'

this will give him a lot of info re what system to expect to find on his computer, and more importantly will give him links to download the correct drivers for the sound system, and once they're downlaoed will get the system working, and give everest a chance to sus which codecs he will then need in order to be able to actually here anything other than .wav or .mp3 files

skin1235, Apr 11, 11:09pm

markie4, Apr 11, 11:16pm
Does sound like a driver issue. From what you say I would first checkout 'sound' in 'device manager' control panel.

barrie2, Apr 12, 12:36am
Thanks all. will try to help by forwarding all these replies. He has 8 years old desktop pc, has been having problems such as 'floating' eggtimer or just shutting down on him. Lives in small town, only one pc repairman who is not well liked (!).

elv, Apr 12, 8:42am
Set up teamviewer and solve the problem for him. http://www.teamviewer.com/en/products/remotecontrol.aspx

tillsbury, Apr 12, 9:17am
Often get this with onboard sound blaster clones when upgrading windows.Need to download drivers, this can be tricky if the kit is old.

hakatere1, Apr 12, 3:33pm
Did he not get a motherboard disk with pc! If so, video and sound drivers will be on it.

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