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amono, May 17, 7:15am
i have just brought a canon printer lbp600 and it wont install the drivers i have tried to down load off the net but it keeps trying to get me to install some driver help thing that wants to up date all drivers and wanting me to pay for it. any help please

drcspy, May 17, 7:15am
where did you download the drivers from !

amono, May 17, 7:17am
when you plug it in it runs through the set up but then it says cant find drivers

drcspy, May 17, 7:18am
just because you've downloaded some drivers wont do anyting unless you INSTALL them.

I ask again .did you download drivers and wehre from !

amono, May 17, 7:27am
i went to the canon site nz. look up drivers it tells me to it will send me to there suport site.

kevin16, May 17, 7:34am
did you try installing the drivers before plugging the printer in!, which OS!

amono, May 17, 7:35am
it wants to install this driver tuner thing

kevin16, May 17, 7:36am

amono, May 17, 7:38am
no pluged printer in and let it do its thing but it didnt. so tryed to down load them off net but goes to the driver tuner thing

amono, May 17, 7:41am
yer but that asks me to pay 30 to get drivers!

scotthurst01, May 17, 7:43am
Which operating system!

amono, May 17, 7:44am
win 7

scotthurst01, May 17, 7:46am
Plug printer in, turn it on, go to start, click on devices and printers then add printer, If it's not already installing itself.

kevin16, May 17, 7:46am
the link ^^^ is the driver you want, unplug the printer first,.

amono, May 17, 7:50am
na it wont install itself, its there but has a little trianglewith an ! in it

scotthurst01, May 17, 7:51am
Follow Kevin's link then, mine installed fine by just plugging it in.

amono, May 17, 7:51am
that link takes me to the driver tuner thing and asks me to pay

scotthurst01, May 17, 7:56am
Use the cd that came with it.! Im sure they have one with them in the box.

amono, May 17, 7:58am
bloddy thing na no cd and not even a usb to fit it had to use my old one

kevin16, May 17, 7:59am
the linked driver doesn't ask for payment, you must have previously downloaded something 'nasty',.

amono, May 17, 8:02am
does it go to this driver tuner thing!

kevin16, May 17, 8:04am
no, it extracts to a folder, then you open the folder and execute the setup exe,.

sonns79, May 17, 8:27am
With Windows7 as soon I connected devices Windows would automatically search for drivers and give me a list to choose from.

tillsbury, May 17, 8:54am
Do not pay anything for any drivers.And particularly not for a "driver tuner".It's a scam.

alliecat1, May 17, 11:58pm
Are you sure that you have the model number right!There appears to be no listing forlbp600 drivers on the canon site.

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