Broadband advice needed: i don't know much about

roadkillcafe, May 16, 10:34am
computers and in the last few days i got connected at new address with telecom broadband but if i have any more than about 4 things open at once, it goes real slow and sometimes freezes. how can i determine whether the issue is with my computer, the new modem, the broadband from telecom, or the fact that i'm using two 4 metre leads plugged into each other (my computer needs to be a couple of rooms away from the only phone jackpoint in the house)any help greatly appreciated cheers

spyware, May 16, 10:45am
You would check the sync rates and attenuation figures by logging onto modem/router. You shouldn't use phone extension leads, have modemclose to outlet and run longer cat5 patch leads - can be up to 100 metres. You also need filters on all POTS devices, phones, faxes, Sky decoders, alarms whether monitored or not. Having a master splitter/filter installed at demarcation point is best idea.

roadkillcafe, May 16, 11:12am
thanks a lot spy, i should perhaps have mentioned that i'm in hillsborough, auckland. i will have to look up how to log onto modem. i'm currently using the modem which telecom sent out which is a wireless (though i'm currently using it with a cable) 'technicolour TG582n', i have another modem which i guess i could use, that's an orcon 'BoBLite 4-port wireless VoIP modem' (i'm not sure if its a better idea to use the orcon one (or if its as simple as just unplugging the current one and plugging the orcon one in in its place or not),i will need to look to find out how to log onto modem to check the values you mentioned. i will also need to get the leads you mentioned, but in the meantime do you think its better to have the modem near the jackpoint in the wall and have the leads between the modem and the computer, than the current arrangement-which is the leads between the jackpoint in wall and the modem and the modem near the computer !and do you mean the filter is best close to jackpoint in wall or close to computer!thanks again for your help!

elv, May 16, 11:21am
You are not accidentally using a crossover lead !

r.g.nixon, May 16, 11:22am
Orcon may be able to remotely download their firmware to it, assuming you can get online to them. I know they are updating firmware remotely in other Genius / GeniusLites over the next few weeks to allow for fibre connections.

r.g.nixon, May 16, 11:23am
Oh, forget that, you want to use it with Telecom instead of Orcon.

dodoman, May 16, 3:22pm
Hey Roadkill, sounds like it could be a computer issue, what are the specs of your PC!
To log into the router, type in your web browser.
Navigate to Broadband connection and try to view details.
It will show you a list of numbers and what they're for.
Fast web browsing also requires a decent computer, the slower the PC the slow the internet experience will be.

pcfix4u, May 16, 8:33pm
Do a speed test.

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