TV On Demand and New Panasonic TV Help Please

mss2006, May 15, 9:40pm
So I have got a new flat panel TV with wireless internet connection and all the bells and whistles.

I would like to watch TV On Demand directly on the TV using the wireless BB connection but it wont stream anything.

Says I need to download Adobe Flash Player.Fine, so I click the link and it comes up with an error.

Am I missing something, is it even possible to do what I want!

Thanks for any advise.

reeveopd, May 15, 11:01pm
TV Model is .

mss2006, May 15, 11:38pm
Hi, it is a TH-P50ST50Z

reeveopd, May 16, 1:57am
That TV doesn't support Flash. Only HTML5. You wont be able to view TVNZ On Demand via the built in web browser.

You could hook up a PC or a PS3 to the TV and watch it that way.

mss2006, May 16, 5:02am
Great, thanks for the advice.Will do what you suggest.

guest, Aug 25, 12:57am
Same questions as above but with Panasonic TH-L42ET60Z
Any way of playing TVNZ on demand directly off this machine - tried also issue of trying to download Adobe Flash Player - error?

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