Cannon A3 printer

macfox52, May 18, 7:51pm
Hi there, I have an old Cannon A3 printer that used to work well.Is there somewhere I can get a new print head set up for it! Even after multiple cleans etc its printing lots of lines and the ink is not getting through.To replace the whole printer is out of my price range at the moment and thought that a new print head would be cheaper but no sure where to ask for one. Thank you.

nzmu, May 18, 8:15pm
Contact Canon directly. I got an HP printhead after contacting HP. Easy to put in and it came with a set of new full cartridges. For the unit I paid less than a full set of cartridges retail and they had it on my doorstep the day after I phoned.

macfox52, May 18, 8:41pm
Cool. Thank you. I will email them and see what they say.

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