Facebook not viewing correctly on IE8.any advice?

chovik, May 19, 1:41am
Facebook is not viewing correctly on IE 8 What is happening is when I scroll down the page it keeps jumping back to the top of the page.either on its own or if I open a photo and then go back to the main page it has jumped back to the top. Only just started doing this past few days. I am using XP pro.
Facebook runs fine on firefox just not on IE 8.I prefer IE8 as the page looks clearer for me so would prefer to keep using IE8 than just go to firefox. Have tried system restore but this has not fixed anything.
HAve googled but found no solution.any ideas please.thanks

elaine186, May 19, 1:45am
i use google husband was using google now he has to use internet expolyer cause it wnt work

_sms_, May 19, 1:47am
Goggle Husband.haven't hear of that one.

_sms_, May 19, 1:47am
Goggle Husband.haven't heard of that one.

henry284, May 19, 2:28am
*Google Chrome, husband

chovik, May 19, 2:39am
Any ideas!

r.g.nixon, May 19, 3:26am
Make Firefox look clearer! Customise toolbars and/or get add-blocker plus.

newbie5, May 19, 4:30am
Google is a search engine.
internet explorer is a browser 2 different things

king1, May 19, 4:49am
Looks like google really are taking over the world

chovik, May 19, 6:18am
That's a good idea r.g.nixon.I am not worried about the ads it is the writing that is more definite in IE8.I need all the help I can get before I am forced to get glasses.IE8 has very clear and definite font

r.g.nixon, May 19, 9:09am
The fonts are defined by the website designer. They won't be different on Firefox. You know that Ctrl + makes the text bigger, don't you!

r.g.nixon, May 19, 9:09am
The fonts are defined by the website designer. They won't be different on Firefox.
Ctrl + makes the text bigger.
Ctrl - makes the text smaller.
Ctrl 0 sets it back to normal.

chovik, May 19, 10:20am
I didn't say the fonts are different.I said that on IE8 it (the fonts) is more definite and clearer.on Firefox the letters are thinner.I am not looking at trying to make the letters bigger or smaller.just as easy to read as they are in IE8.if you have both systmes running try it and see.even in this trademe forum there is a marked difference

r.g.nixon, May 19, 10:35am
I just tried Firefox 13 and IE 10 tiled side by side, and both set to default size.
Here is the result. http://i48.tinypic.com/34829aa.jpg

chovik, May 19, 10:57am
OK a couple of things.mine is IE8 not IE 10 and my Firefox is 12 (but it says that my Firefox is up to date.how do I get Firefox 13) and more relevant my screen resolution is 1920 by 1200 pixels.does this make a difference! My IE 8 looks like both of your pictures.but Firefox looks like crap.font looks skinny.if I knew how to do a screen capture I would show you

chovik, May 19, 11:05am
and I thank you for your input so far r.g.nixon

r.g.nixon, May 19, 11:15am
I'm using Firefox 13 Beta 4, and Windows 8 Consumer Preview.
The screen resolution will make no difference percentage wise.
IE has made the font slightly taller - in my image you will see the IE image (on the right) extends slightly further down the page. I did not measure the width, but any stretch will make the font slightly larger.

r.g.nixon, May 19, 11:21am
Or is it just slightly more space between the lines! It's hard to tell.

r.g.nixon, May 19, 11:27am
Silly me! DS has just pointed out some line wrapping (in two places) that made IE look longer. As you were.

murph2068594, May 19, 1:08pm
Yes, Google was "originally" just a search engine, yet they have launched their own internet browser called "Google Chrome", it's been out for a while now.

We've now got Google News, Maps, Weather, Books, Calendar, Earth, Documents.This is just the start of it.they haven't finished yet.

-mung-, May 20, 1:54am
On windows It's the print screen key on your keyboard. That copies it to your clipboard. From there you need to open an image editor or something. Try MS Paint, you'll have that. Paste it in there. You can crop it. Save out as png 24bit (jpg will alter the image slightly) and upload to trademe or imgur.

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