How do I restore to factory please

fred824, May 19, 3:09am
Hi, I have an old computer I want to delete everything from other than what it had when purchased. How do I do this please.

kew, May 19, 3:20am
You really need to advise make and model number of the computer

r.g.nixon, May 19, 3:24am
Back up the drivers. I use Drivermax (freeware).
Check that you have a readable license code on your OS sticker.
Install the OS from a CD/DVD that matches your license.
Reinstall any extra drivers from the Drivermax backup.

fred824, May 19, 3:27am
Sorry, it is an Insite computer, pentium 4 running XP.

kew, May 19, 5:44am
Yep. and the model number is.

griffin55, May 19, 10:48pm
I can't find any number other than the product key

hakatere1, May 20, 12:39am
Flip it over and check underneath.

drcspy, May 20, 2:23am
it'll be a 'built' retailed pc and there will be unlikely to be a restore partition.

gibler, May 20, 2:31am
Insite typically gave recovery discs (or just the OS Install disc e.g. Windows XP).

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