Can't access website

I can't load's strange. I can load other websites easily, I don't have proxy, no firewall, cleared temp files/browsing history etc. I tried opening it in firefox/IE. I'm running Vista. I could run this site from XP and from my cellphone using WAP. No changes to my PC of late. The site tries to load but doesn't. The whole day I had this problem. I'm using google chrome.

geek_batman4321, May 31, 8:46 pm

According to this reverse-ip lookup! this site hosted on the same server.Can you access this site from offending pc!The ip of the server is does that give you anything (ie IT WORKS)

geek_king1, May 31, 9:11 pm

If its any consolation - I tried to open it using IE8 and took 3 minutes to open
the website could be broken or overloaded.

geek_gj, May 31, 10:56 pm

Timed it just now. Seven seconds to load.

geek_r.g.nixon, May 31, 11:08 pm

Just tried it again - 2min 50sec to load (using chrome this time)

geek_gj, Jun 1, 9:44 am

None of those links work. They all take too long and timeout.

geek_batman4321, Jun 1, 9:47 am

None of those links work. They all take too long and timeout. I can ping this website and I get a response back from the server. Maybe its just overloaded like the above poster said.

geek_batman4321, Jun 1, 9:47 am

Loaded in under 1sec for me :!

geek_lostdude, Jun 1, 10:20 am

Same here

geek_king1, Jun 1, 10:29 am

The website works for me now. I unplugged my modem and used it on my spare PC, running XP. That didn't work, then I plugged my modem back into my Vista machine, and the website displayed straight away.

geek_batman4321, Jun 1, 7:08 pm

Timed out after about 10 minutes for me, wasn't nzflatmates down recently for maintenance though!If I remember correctly, it needs a little more than that.

geek_holdenboy11, Jun 1, 7:38 pm