IPad duty free?

Any cheaper! Which duty free store sells them! Buy in NZ or Aus!

It was suggested to me to buy at a retail store in Aus then claim back tax at the airport. Has anyone done that! I wouldn't have a clue how to claim back tax at the airport.

geek_ladeda, May 30, 7:44 pm

I bought one in aus a few years ago (before they were available in NZ) claimed back the GST at Brisbane airport. There is a kiosk there after you go thru passport controll. Show them the ipad and your reciept and they will refund the GST to your credit card

geek_chris.kingston, May 30, 7:51 pm

Thanks, Brisbane is where I am headed.

geek_ladeda, May 30, 7:55 pm

Yes you can claim on items over $300 (AUD) BUT you must have the item with you and the receipts for its purchase. But you will only save the 10% GST and may not be worth it.

geek_tigra, May 31, 10:05 am

interesting I just did a surf for ipads in Aus, and converted the price to nz dollars but also took off the 10% gst and on the ipad 3, 64gb 4g itworked out too $200 saving.I think that its worth checking - the website I found was getprice.com.au and compaired with noel leemings

geek_hyborn, May 31, 10:21 am

iPad 64GB WiFi+4G wifi AU$899 from AU Apple store
iPad 64GB WiFi+4G NZ$1228 from NZ Apple store
AU$899 less gst =AU$817.27 = NZ$1054.69 at today's exchange rate
So a saving of around $175 depending on the exchange rate on the day

geek_chris.kingston, May 31, 10:41 am

Looks good and presumably any warranty requirements will be honoured in NZ. However, depending on need, The Warehouse is selling 16gb iPad 2's for $569

geek_eagles9999, May 31, 11:38 am

Interestingly the samsungs dont appearto have as good a savings maybe save about $30 so guess you would really need to know prices and exchange rates.

geek_hyborn, May 31, 12:09 pm

Bought ( new ) Ipad Wifi 4GB 32GB from Good Guys @ the Gold CoastAust,$754.00You can claim theGST at the airport on leaving You go to the Kioske at Departure Lounge just as you head to gate 80. You must have your Passport, Boarding Pass,Items and Receipt / Tax Invoice

geek_caddie70, May 31, 1:14 pm

Plus the GST that you will pay when Customs locate it on arrival into NZ.

geek_clairewithi, May 31, 4:25 pm

I bought my 16 GB WiFi "new" iPad at Brisbane duty free for au$490 -about NZ$625.
Same thing at CHCH Airport duty free was NZ$639.

Either way a good saving on NZ retail prices.Ignore the comment about getting pinged for GST on return to NZ. An iPad is not expensive enough to attract GST like that.

geek_john.abel, May 31, 7:35 pm

Isn't it anything over the value of $800 incurs a charge from Customs! Would pay to check first as it kicks in if you import something of that value. May be different if your bringing it in on your person!

geek_massived, May 31, 7:41 pm

Anything over NZ$700 has GST + duties (0% for iPad) to pay on the excess and a $40 import fee.You may also find the warranty is only good in Australia if that is where you purchased so in the unlikely event of a failure (they tend to be pretty spectacular and soon if something will go wrong) you'll need to send overseas.

geek_kintama_80, May 31, 7:57 pm

Mmmm, I am getting it for a friend so will be arriving back in NZ with my iPad and her NEW iPad.

geek_ladeda, May 31, 8:29 pm

Warranty that Apple provides will be fine as it's transferable and valid worldwide.

geek_massived, Jun 1, 8:41 am

In fact anything over $400 attracts GST.And as another poster mentions there are now other charges as well, including an inspection charge

geek_tigra, Jun 1, 1:16 pm

Anything that is not part of your personal concession over the value of $60 GST which works out to be about $400 attracts duty and GST. No duty on electronic items so just GST. So maybe don't ignore this comment ;-)

geek_clairewithi, Jun 1, 3:09 pm

Also, items like that stand out on x-ray, especially if you have been shopping for other items in which the total value can all be added together.

geek_clairewithi, Jun 1, 3:11 pm

So an iPad can be imported duty free without problems as part of your NZ$700 personal goods concession. These goods are those not covered by your wearing apparel and personal effects concession. The personal goods concession applies to goods that meet all the following conditions:

They accompany you through Customs.
They are for your personal use, or are intended as gifts.
They are not for sale or exchange.
They are not for use in your business or profession.
They are not imported for other persons at their request.

geek_john.abel, Jun 1, 6:30 pm