Geonet slider (javascript) doesnt work.

mkr_ahearn, May 28, 8:54pm
I have script enabled but Geonet slider doesnt work.Any ideas!

lostdude, May 28, 9:09pm
Does any other site with javascript work for you!

mkr_ahearn, May 28, 9:55pm
i dont know lostdude, maybe i dont use any other sites that need it!

lostdude, May 28, 10:36pm

mkr_ahearn, May 28, 10:45pm
okay, thanks it says I can use javascript but it still doesnt work on geonet.I use windows 7, IE 9

lostdude, May 28, 10:48pm
Try clearing your browser cache &/or cookies for that site or Ctrl+F5 once you're on the page.

mkr_ahearn, May 28, 11:12pm
done, still not working

lostdude, May 28, 11:44pm
Probably just a problem with ie9. IE is notorious for not adhering to web protocols. Try another browser.

mkr_ahearn, May 28, 11:50pm
mmm okay, well its the only problem I have with IE so I guess I will leave it and use the txt form of geonet, thanks for your suggestions lostdude.

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