Tablet Advice

I am looking at getting a tablet for internet viewing, ebook viewing, and music download from i-tunes.Can anyone answer a couple of simple questions please.
Can I transfer music & ebooks that I currently have on my PC to a tablet !
Can I back up (to USB) data that I may then download directly to the tablet !
I suspect that different models have different functions, but none of the reviews I have read have answered these questions - or if they have they havn't done it simply enough for me to understand !*!

geek_bobthebilda, May 28, 10:16 am

Yes - if it's got a USB port (some don't)

geek_mm12345, May 28, 10:19 am

I've got a new iPad, it can do number 1, but not 2 on your list. I had a play with a friends asus tablet today that has only just been released, and I have to say I'm envious. It's got everything my iPad has, plus heaps extra such as usb, flash, easy to transfer stuff from windows etc. His desktop screen on his tablet is much more interactive and useful than that of the iPad.

geek_dawn1, May 28, 4:55 pm

iPad with something like Dropbox.

geek_alby100, May 28, 4:59 pm

Thanks for the info.The one I was looking at was the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 but I dont think it has USB.To be honest I'm a complete novice.My main requirement is to be able to download music from i-tunes to replace my old vinyl albums and I thought it might be useful to be able to surf and have ebooks on it as well.Sooo, a tablet might be more useful to me than a ipod - as long as the sound quality is good and I can either transfer from PC, or back up to USB.

geek_bobthebilda, May 28, 9:53 pm

You can buy a gadget that fits into the power port and that allows you to plug in a USB stick. I got one for Galaxy from TM

geek_noraj, May 29, 8:25 am

Also look at the Sony S Tablet. It can do all that you require and there are some great deals around. Also much easier to use as an ebook reader because of it's shape.

geek_tallguy, May 29, 10:43 am

Ipad, download/transfer your files simply using wireless wifi. No cable required.

geek_acrobat, Jun 1, 9:09 am

Yup, once you BUY the app (for Windows networking). Android have countless FREE apps that do the same. Some even have the app out of the box.

geek_lostdude, Jun 1, 9:51 am

+1 for the sony

geek_wellystretch, Jun 1, 11:13 am

Another plus.Sony has just updated the tablet to ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) and it's fantastic.!

geek_tallguy, Jun 1, 12:02 pm