Internet Access

Can Windows 7 Firewall block the entire internet connection for except 1 page! If so. How do I set this up. Its for the kids computer. I only want them to access "Reading Eggs" Thanks

geek_cherieandmark, May 27, 7:17 am

The firewall won't but you might be able to do something like that with the parental controls

geek_king1, May 27, 11:00 am

if your using avast anti virus you can block web sites another free program is k9 which will allow youto control content web site restriction time control etc this was designed for what you are tryin to do
i might suggest though trying to to work with the kids first buildng trust with the kids while their on the internet would be your best protection in the long term
good luck

geek_fingerscrossed2, May 27, 12:05 pm

A brutal way of achieving this would be to remove DNS server settings from the local machine and the router. Then edit the hosts file to show only the IP of the only wanted site.

geek_jcmp21, May 27, 12:17 pm

The problem is, anything you can do to block their access they can most likely (dependent on age) circumvent without any issue.

Like has been said before, the best bet is to talk to your kids, set out what is acceptable and what isnt. If they break the rules they lose access all together.

geek_directorylist, May 27, 12:19 pm

You forgot to add: Then delete DNS cache and set all browser homepages to that website

geek_lostdude, May 27, 3:26 pm

One would think its possible with W7 firewall, I would think just block all outbound by default and then add a rule to allow port 80 tcp traffic to remote endpoint of

geek_spyware, May 27, 3:36 pm

em some comunication and updates on your progress would be useful or are we to asume you have blocked yourself off the web all together now !

geek_fingerscrossed2, May 28, 2:53 am

Have the internet go through a proxy server and have the 1 allowed website. A walled garden like internet access at winz offices.

geek_mr-word, May 28, 6:52 pm

I wouldn't expect any progress unless spoonfed.

geek_spyware, May 28, 8:14 pm

A brutal way of achieving this would be to remove DNS server settings from the local machine and the router. The homepage isn't part of the ACTUAL solution. Next please

geek_jcmp21, May 28, 8:45 pm

Why not give them a limited account, with a shortcut icon for 'reading eggs' and the Internet explorer shortcut icon removed. Also, go to the settings page on your router and block all webpages for their mac address except for reading eggs.

Children should not have computers in their bedrooms, they should be in the family room so you can monitor its use.

geek_carkitter, May 28, 10:51 pm