Advice in buying a new computer,

equinekiwi, May 28, 7:19am
I want a computer -desk top or laptop,not fussed.
I want one with heaps of storage and fast(not sure if that depends on computer or internet company I go with or both!)

what the maxium storage and internet speed of a computer in nz!
and what brands that meet that !- maxium storage and speed

are gaming computers - ideal for watching movies,have the speed and storage and do they strain the battery!

some advice please

vtecintegra, May 28, 7:22am
Storage is cheap - you can add as much as you want to a desktop for very little cash.

As for speed it depends on what you want to achieve - in reality even a low end Core i3 CPU is going to be more than fast enough for most tasks (internet speed being entirely down to you ISP and area)

gj, May 28, 7:52am
You mentioned battery - do you need a laptop
You will get more for your money in a good desktop (usually)

equinekiwi, May 28, 7:57am
Hi I'm not fussed whether it be a laptop or desk top(re battery I meant if I have a laptop).
would a desk top provide more storage and speed!

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