purr-fect, May 26, 8:26am
Friend has brought me back a tablet from China which works really well but I know there is a sim card you can buy to insert into the tablet to give you access to the internet.where do I buy these sims you just buy one & keep topping it up !It also has Wifi which I know nothing I need to get a mode or something to connect to that !Any advice would be much appreciated.

mikep, May 26, 8:39am
The manual is probably in chinese, but you need to find out if it does indeed have a SIM card slot - not all of them do, and some just use a USB slot to put a stick in it. Standard SIM card should work ok

For Wifi, you will need either a wifi modem (you may alreaduy have one if you've got broadband) of a wifi access point (cheaper) - setting up is easy enough but you do have to go into the modem/access point to set a password etc.

If you can find out the type of tablet you have, I could help - I have a couple of them.

purr-fect, May 26, 8:51am
Mikep all I know is that is an Android V10 Superpad and it has lots of slots along the side for various things e.e. headphones, TF card, 2 x USB ports, Wifi off/on. any of that make sense

purr-fect, May 26, 8:52am
it boots up okay and the manual is in english but very limited instructions

ttaotua1, May 26, 9:12am
Have a look under the battery and see if theres a slot for the sim card like your mobile phone and it either can take a telecom or vodaphone sim.

lotty3, May 26, 9:16am
Another dummy here,can you get one of these tablets that you can connect to home broadband.I have broadband and have often thought about one of these tablet thingies that I could have in bed so I can still be online.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

purr-fect, May 26, 9:23am
Cant find the battery but he manual says "built in battery"

nr.h, May 26, 9:59am
Pretty much all Tablets available are WiFi Capable. Meaning you can connect to your home broadband, so yes. the more expensive Tablets come Wifi and 3g (Sim card). Sim cards are usually found on the sides of the device that you can click in/out.

rose2004, May 26, 10:02am
you only need a sim card if you want to use it as a phone. If you just want internet you can use it with your home wireless network, or at free wifi spots around the place. I've just got one myself and that's all i'm using it for, i've already got a phone and I don't need one as big as a tablet,lol.

ttaotua1, May 26, 10:11am
Thought ill ask because i have a cheapo telecom tablet made from china and i just take the back cover off to get to the battery. If your already on broadband and wireless go to your settings menu and find your wireless network and see if you can find your username.

lotty3, May 26, 10:41am
thank you nr.h appreciate that.

mikep, May 26, 12:46pm
Here are the specs:
V10 Specifications:

Vimicro VC882 processor 1GHz
Cortex-A8 core (A8 is Faster than x220),
512MB internal memory,
Android 2.3 OS,
10.1-inch 1024*600 resistive touchscreen,
Built-in GPS w/ Antenna,
HDMI Out via HDMI mini port
2 USB Ports, 1 TF Card Slot, 1 RJ45 Port
Official Android Market supported

So you can hook it up to your TV via the HDMI, and you'll probably need a USB - USB Mini cable to plug it into your computer.

As was already said, you'll need to have a Wifi modem/access point. Turn Wifi on in the Settings menu on the tablet, and the modem should come up on a list. You just select it and enter the password for the wifi (not the admin password for the modem).

purr-fect, May 27, 12:25am
cheers, thanks for all the help

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