Which printer/scanner to buy ?

brian_k7, May 24, 4:56am
My hp psc 2100 has just died.It just will not start at all ,so time to replace it I guess. Not being too savvy on this,which printer/scanner should I replace it with ! It is only for home use.I found the cartridges for the oldHP cost heaps,is there any make/model which is reasonableto keep feeding the cartridges in ! Any constructive advice would be great .Thanks.

r.g.nixon, May 24, 5:48am
No inkjets have reasonable priced ink.
Get a cheap laser printer. Do your photos for 9c or so at Warehouse Stationary, Dick Smith, Harvey Norman.

jeeves-50, May 24, 7:54am
I have found our Canon MX 3050 good value.True, ink jets are a tad expensive but Canon less so than Epson and Brother.
Shop around for specials for inks.
If bulk printing or a large run off of colourgoto your local print shop.

r.g.nixon, May 24, 10:08am

ceebee2, May 24, 10:55am
Canon ++

_sms_, May 24, 11:11am
Brother, Canon and Epson in that order.Avoid HP.

deus701, May 24, 12:36pm
I just bought a new hp deskjet 2060 k110. The catridges are supposed to last 400 pages, and only needed two catridges (black n colour which cost around $23 each). Best thing is its able to print even though one colour is out. Has printed out some fine looking photos though.

I find canon eats alot of ink. Also had a $50 nx125 epson, no problems with it. It did refuse to start one day, took it back to dick smith n they gave me another one.

thewomble1, May 24, 2:18pm
Get one that you can get refillable cartridges for it.I refill mine for around $12 for the 6 cartridges compared to new ones that cost $130+.(Epson))

nzmu, May 24, 6:17pm
There are ink jets that have less expensive ink. HP, Brother and Epson at least have brought out small office machines that can go against lasers for speed and economy. Cartridges that cost about $55 and do 1200 pages so do some more research.
I have an Epson Artisan 730 for photos and disc printing - I also have an HP3050 for document printing - it prints documents way clearer than the high end Epson.
There are downsides to compatible inks - I choose not to use them for what I do.

brian_k7, May 26, 11:45pm
Thanks everyone for advice

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