Formatting a new HDD, Advice please.

budgel, May 26, 10:19pm
I manged to get the HDD in an Asus Eee notebook going again after trying the Seagate repair advice after much help from this forum.

I was told that it would be best to replace the HDD as ithad been damaged and repaired and can be unstable.

If I buy a new 2.5" HDD, how do I format the OS and all of the existing stuffonto the replacement one!

king1, May 26, 10:52pm
If you have another computer you can run this on and slave the source and target to it. If you want to run it on the computer with the dodgy drive use Clonezilla LiveCD

It will be all bad news if you get them around the wrong way.

little_egypt, May 26, 11:17pm
Install the new drive, put the old one in an external USB enclosure. Then load up a cloning CD (I'd suggest Ghost for newbie users, clonezilla is a bit technical) and clone the external drive onto the new one.

With a GUI tool like Ghost you get a graphical representation of the partitions and used space so it's very unlikely you'll mistakenly clone the new blank drive onto the old one.

jancemord, May 26, 11:19pm
What model E!

drcspy, May 26, 11:20pm
ghost so long as it's a newish version. as ghost 2003 which was excellent WILL NOT successfully clone vista/win7.other wise just use some other 'drive imaging' program (theres free ones available 'drive image xml for example).

little_egypt, May 26, 11:20pm
The other option, possibly more work to begin with but a bit safer and might save you problems if the old Windows install has a few missing files from the disk problems you had.

put the old drive in it's USB enclosure in a safe place, install a nice fresh copy of Windows on the new drive, then plug in the old drive and copy all the files you want to keep.

little_egypt, May 26, 11:22pm
Oh . this is a netbook with no CD drive, right! That makes things more interesting ;)

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