Advice on buying skype please

do you need to buy the best to have a good picture! and also how does it effect the broadband monthly allowance! I am on a 5000 Mb plan . will that give me much time!
my download runs at 15Mbps
upload at 0.74 Mbps
ping 37 ms
thank you

geek_gazza323, May 26, 1:55 pm

Guess you are talking about what webcam to buy and you don't actually want to buy the multi billion dollar company! I also assume you are on a 5GiG plan instead of 5M!

geek_acura, May 26, 2:01 pm

Something like a Logitech C270 HD would do well
Its a 720p resolution (high Definition) and takes still pics at 3mp and has built in microphone. approx $41 but shop around.
Your BB performance will be fine for this, and yes ALL internet access is part of your monthly allowance - just try it and go easy until your next bill!
You should also be able to check your BB usage online - check your ISP website for a link.

geek_gj, May 26, 10:32 pm


geek_gazza323, May 26, 11:39 pm

You don't need to buy Skype its free to do video chat and audio chat.But if you were wanting to do a video chat with multi people at the same time then its $13 per month.Skype Groups

geek_stardesta, May 27, 12:49 am

To video chat with a few people at the time for free, you and your mates may like to look at this:

geek_zak410, May 27, 12:56 am

Yeh we tried that, but didn't find the quality very good.Mite improve though

geek_stardesta, May 27, 1:20 am

It does not matter whether you buy cheap or dear it will not what you is the person on the other end gets the benefit. I only paid $25.00 for mine off one has complained about the quality.Broadband speed will make or break the quality. Haven't noticed any marked increase in broadband usage.

geek_thewomble1, May 27, 5:06 am

Tell Microsoft that since they own skype and maybe do improvements on their next xbox

geek_ttaotua1, May 27, 8:34 am