Advice on which desktop to buy

welshdude, May 26, 3:09am
I currently have a 2.65 gHz P4 with 736mB RAM and Windows XP SP3. There are time when it slows to a crawl and I want to upgrade second hand on Trademe. I don't need the greatest machine but want a noticeable improvement. What specs should I aim for! Should I go for XP or Vista or Win 7!

lythande1, May 26, 3:14am
Windows 7. Vista is a dog and XP is obsolete.
Buy one with reliable quality parts - this is what is important, not what label might be stuck on the outside. A good quality power supply as well. One with a proper warranty, none of this 1 year rubbish, decent parts are at least 2 years - 3years each.
Go to, they have some entry level stuff, at least you get peace of mind mind something decent, and they DO honour proper manufacturers warranty on parts so they will give the full warranty should there be an issue. Unlike a lot of cowboys on TM.

r.g.nixon, May 26, 3:27am
i3 or i5 CPU with onboard video. 4GB of RAM. 'Black' or 'Blue' HDD (not 'green').
Windows 8 64-bit Release Preview (get it on June 2nd, should run for about a year for free). Or Linux Mint 13 (free forever).

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