Price Comparison using Excel / Access / ?

I need to find someone to create a Access / Excel file so I can load different supplier price lists, then be able to drill down on similar items to get a price and supplier eg. 22" LCD from Dove, IM, Synnex or PB Tech

geek_easynet, May 24, 10:36 pm

Isn't that what Pricespy already provides!

geek_gyrogearloose, May 24, 10:42 pm

I get wholesale pricing as a reseller, each day I get a csv or xls file from the suppliers and I want to find some way of drilling down on the similar prices w/o having to look at each website or file separately

geek_easynet, May 24, 10:46 pm

Your first problem is - unless each supplier uses the same codes how will you compare items. I also get distrib pricing but only cross check what I need at the time.

geek_gj, May 24, 11:48 pm

I want to drill down the description and then select the best price, I know the descriptions are slightly different

geek_easynet, May 26, 10:40 am

Maybe use grep!

geek_r.g.nixon, May 26, 11:12 am

I think the first thing you need to do is resolve the different product codes of the various suppliers.

Assuming the products are the same from each supplier, an excel approach would be to

1.Have one tab dedicated to resolving different product codes, this would have headers such as {Row No. |MYCODE | SUPPLIER1Code | SUPPLIER2CODE | SUPPLIER. }

2.Have other tabs dedicated to each supplier and their products, and pricesOR Access the suppliers individual spreadsheet

3. have a tab where you enter in your product code and the results for each supplier are displayed,

4. a lookup formula on the search box then goes and gets the row of supplier product codes, looks up the appropriate tab/spreadsheet and returns the results for each

KEY is in you having your code that resolves to different supplier codes, once this is done it should be purely mechanical to go to each suppliers TAB / spreadsheet to retrieve each suppliers info

Problem might be in different formats,columns used by suppliers etc and of course if suppliers go and change it on you - an interesting challenge.

geek_king1, May 26, 11:16 am