Mobile broadband T stick

If I change from Telecom to Vodafone, can I use the same device.It seems they are so alike that it should only be the card needs changing.Hopefully

geek_project10, May 23, 5:56 am

Yeap, you can use a vodafone sim car in a telecom t-stick.
May need to do some configuration depending on the model the T-stick is and if it supports the frequencies of both companies.
I've used different sim cards in my telecom sierra t-stick and that works fine.

geek_dodoman, May 23, 9:28 am

Yes and No. You will find the Telecom T-Stick does not go onto Vodafones 900MHz 3G network meaning your 3G reception will be limited to metro areas.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, May 23, 9:58 am