Dv camera 2 Laptop w/o firwire port: adapter name?

Hi. got a DV camera firewire cable but no firwire port on laptop ( rats!) I know there is a "thing" you can buy, to plug firewire into to convert into a USB port. i have a cable that is firewire one end and usb the other end but that does not work. I am looking for the convertor "thing" but i dont know what its called! any ideas! thanks!

geek_camogrrl, Jun 1, 3:39 pm

also got no PCMCIA slot

geek_camogrrl, Jun 1, 3:42 pm

Have you tried typing in "firewire to usb" in the search bar!

geek_wellystretch, Jun 1, 3:43 pm

I have typed that in yes but all i see is cables i already have! i have one of those cables with firewire on one end and usb in the other. they dont work on either laptop here. I dont think they convert signal! all my reserch suggests i need a signal converter! but still, im not sure.

geek_camogrrl, Jun 1, 3:50 pm


This is the best thing I could find. I found other single cable solutions butthey were even more expensive.

geek_wellystretch, Jun 1, 4:02 pm

Doesn't look like it possible - discussion here https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3648805!start=0&tstart=0

geek_king1, Jun 1, 4:04 pm

thanx so much! ive been going in curcles for a few hrs! that will be why

geek_camogrrl, Jun 1, 4:16 pm

Your going to need an outboard solution similar to the link I posted above, it will transfer the media onto the box via firewire, then onto your computer via USB.

geek_wellystretch, Jun 1, 4:28 pm

Can't do firewire to USB. Depends what other out puts your camera has.have a look at one of these.

geek_navestrebor, Jun 1, 5:15 pm