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761, Jun 1, 5:35am
there seems to be a big difference in prices for inks .my neighbour who runs 7 computers put me onto a firm in auckland called venus inks and i have been using them for the past 4 years never a dud one next day service and unbeleivable low prices and freight

r.g.nixon, Jun 1, 5:36am
There are quite a few outfits similar to that.

wellystretch, Jun 1, 5:53am
Ummm, OK, anything you want to promote while your on here!

johnf_456, Jun 1, 12:01pm
Personally I like my laser printers, more expensive initially but cheap running costs long term!

rpvr, Jun 1, 8:25pm
Mono or colour! I've used a mono laser printer for years, with an inkjet for when I want to do colour. Colour laser printers still seem a bit expensive. but would like to get one some day.

cameragod, Jun 1, 9:14pm
Does anyone know if it is it true that Brother printers clean themselves every 40 min, purging a tiny amount of ink every time, so it??

cowboy110, Jun 1, 9:33pm
Needed to replace 3 of the 4 ink cartridges on our Epson printer last weekend.Called into Warehouse Stationery, $25 each for the standard size ($75 all up) or $17 for the economy cartridges ($51 all up).Almost made it to the checkout when I spotted a new Epson printer on sale for $48!Complete with 4 standard sized ink cartridges.Go figure.Anyway needless to say I've got a new printer.

r.g.nixon, Jun 1, 10:13pm
It is unlikely that they are full. Very unlikely.

newbie5, Jun 1, 11:53pm
Yes and most other printers clean themselves periodically as well

newbie5, Jun 1, 11:56pm
quite true .
When you buy a new printer ask for a set of new cartridges to replace the ones in there,as the ones they supply are only half full even though the meter shows them as full when you set up the printer

tonyrockyhorror, Jun 2, 1:14am

king1, Jun 2, 1:17am
They do periodically clean but not that often, I only hear mine every few days or so

duggin, Jun 3, 12:36am
True, they're inexpensive, but refils are not. - TradeMe search for HP CP1525nw.Bearing in mind there's four refills, a set of toner is almost the cost of the printer - or over.AND these cartridges only yield 1200 pages.Eeek, expensive!

Cowboy110 in post #7 makes a good point - just have to get of the conservation mode that we seem to be advised to embrace.When the cartridges are used up, look around for another cheap printer.Save you money.

zl2adl, Jun 3, 6:26am
Check out Melco Technologies, they sell the continous ink supply thingies for most inkjet printers. Also look on youtube, there are videos on filling carts yourself and it seems easier than I thought. The melco ink comes in about 100ml bottles for about $12.00 per colour. No i don't have anything to do with melco!, Jun 3, 8:04am
Anyone given this a go!

drcspy, Jun 3, 9:37am
yeh I use the bottles to fill my brother printer - dont use the CISS (melco) system tho as they can be troublesome but the inks bloody cheap

yorkie13, Jun 3, 11:28am
$86 at the warehouse.

hakatere1, Jun 3, 8:22pm
Mine didn't go that often, but sometimes it would wake me at 2 or 3am cleaning. I just pulled the plug after a while. I bought a Canon Pixma ip4500, so only use the brother for scanning now. Pity, because Brother are not bad printers. I get all my ink from ink venus too. Heaps cheaper.

drcspy, Jun 3, 9:00pm
mate it takes me about 2minutes to refill a cart on my brother dcp 165c.and that ink from melco (ciss) costs bugger all .I reckon I'll get about 4 years light printing for $50

duggin, Jun 4, 1:23am
Do you buy the ink separately, or did you have to buy the complete system, them the refills later!

drcspy, Jun 4, 1:28am
a friend bought a CISS system then had trouble getting in goin and gave up.gave me the, so far it has cost me nothing tho it does cost about $50 for the four colours.I'm pretty certain you can buy the ink by itself

rpvr, Jun 5, 7:29am
I take the point, these prices seem very reasonable. I guess I was thinking of multifunctions, because I also have a use for a scanner. Current Epson CX3900 inkjet multifunction cost me $79 new.

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