Wireless Draft N on Acer Aspire 5720 Notebook

Hi, myAceris labelled as having 802.11 a/b/g/Draft N capability.
In Device Manager it shows Intel Pro/Wireless3945ABG. Since upgrading to a new modem/router (TP Link W8960N), I still have not been able to get faster speeds than 54 Mbps.
Should I be expecting faster speeds than this!The TP Link is working correctly because I get speeds of up to 180 Mbps on a destop computer using an N capable Edup wireless adaptor.
A solution would be touse another USB wireless adaptor on the Acer, but I'd rather use the Acers on board one if I can.
Any thoughts appreciated.

geek_wee5, Jun 1, 9:27 pm

I doubt your actual connection speed will exceed 54MBps. What is the issue!

geek_henry284, Jun 1, 10:38 pm

'N' is 108Mb/s. maybe 'draft' in this case means not quite there. You could look for newer motherboard drivers though.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 1, 10:50 pm

The laptop wireless connection disconnects usually a few times per day, which I think is likely caused by distance and walls between it and router.
If wireless N gives a better range, I thought it might reduce these disconnections.

geek_wee5, Jun 1, 10:58 pm

That card doesn't do 802.11N, only 802.11G. You should take it up with your supplier, the laptop may have been fitted with the wrong network card.

geek_drsr, Jun 2, 3:03 am