Brother DCP-110c colour printer

melford, Jun 23, 12:19am
Brother DCP-110c colour printer Is the software to install this suitable for installation on Windows XP?

rawblue, Jun 23, 12:27am
Hi melford yes xp run realy well i have DCP 110 great for all kinds of photo stuff iam running xp pro

melford, Jun 23, 12:49am
Thanks for that. Its just that when I tried to install it a messsage came up that Microsoft has not approved (something to that affect) for use on Windows XP and that to install it may cause other programmes not to operate

pcgeek, Jun 23, 1:11am
should be a button indicating to continue installation anyway, it just means it doesn't have a driver that Microsoft endorses, doesn't mean it won't work ;)
P.S a driver is a piece of software that allows your computer to recognise the printer hardware and what to do with it.

melford, Jun 23, 1:20am
Many thanks for replying ...

rawblue, Jun 23, 2:00am
DCP110 load software but dont turn on printer or put USB cable in until software program tell u to

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