Adobe Flashplayer not downloading

vic008, Jun 3, 5:50am
Says instalation completed successfully, but it doesn't!
Anyone! Please!

blenheim-trader, Jun 3, 6:00am
Uninstall old version first then install.

vic008, Jun 3, 8:26am
Yup, tried that & says successful again,but then go to open something & it says I need to get Flashplayer

mark.52, Jun 3, 8:35am
Are you running Firefox or Internet Explorer (or something else!)

After downloading it, are you double clicking the file to install it! Then watching the install "bar" move along the application interface!

Once it is installed, are you automatically taken to the site that verifies it is installed, and the version number, which also displays a moving graphic!

Last but not least, are you downloading/installing from the Adobe site, or somewhere else!

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