Printer Cartridges - my life is a lie!, Jun 3, 8:08am

Has anyone done this! Very keen to know results. I know what I'll be doing next time I get the low ink warning

richard112, Jun 3, 8:38am
Just pulled an EpsonTO621 cartridge out of the bin. Similar CB, but no hole above. Took of the label on the side that say's DO NOT REMOVE. Still no reset or any other hole. But the sky didn't fall in when I removed it either, so I suppose that's a plus.

gdnshack, Jun 3, 9:15am
No reset on Canon ones either.Just dismantled an old one!

drsr, Jun 3, 10:11am
No, it's a fake. You can get chip resetters for cartridges but they work by reprogramming the onboard chip.

shane.64, Jun 3, 11:17am
What crap the cartridge would need a battery or have power to do that a chip dose nothing with out power

deodar1, Jun 3, 1:27pm
Definitely a negative fake that has no effect even if you find a hole,Hmmm
maybe need to locate a G-Spot before inserting prick,whatever.Doesn't
do anything for me.

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