Need to get anti virus protection, need advice pls

tandj3, Jun 4, 4:19am
Have got a new desktop, need to buy some antivirus, etc protection, what do I get! What does 1 user etc mean! You can buy it cheap on here, but why! Is it copied disks or what! I know nothing!

gj, Jun 4, 4:23am
You will get at least 5 different answers -

farwest, Jun 4, 4:23am

drcspy, Jun 4, 4:29am
don't buy it there's some excellent free ones. Microsoft security essentials for one.

hakatere1, Jun 4, 4:29am
Panda cloud is good and free. Save your $s. You don't neeed to spend anything on good av.

hakatere1, Jun 4, 4:29am
Panda cloud is good and free. Save your $s. You don't need to spend anything on good av.

tandj3, Jun 4, 4:31am
Cheers, I'm keen for the free stuff!

hakatere1, Jun 4, 4:34am
lol And why wouldn't you be.

rojill, Jun 4, 4:49am
So how does this work, them being "in the cloud"
For their gear to protect you I presume ALL your traffic, downloads at the very least, least would have to be routed through their system, thereby meaning they could, if they wished, read, record sources or copy all or anything passing through.
Sounds like a good idea but like most things in life, there are ALWAYS consequences and this is one consequence I would not go along with.

wellystretch, Jun 4, 4:56am
Lol, what! It's just an antivirus program buddy, not skynet.

chnman, Jun 4, 5:04am
For free A/V, the following can be helpful. Though note the lastest version of avast is v7, not v6 as mentioned on the first part. Good comments by users as well.

r.g.nixon, Jun 4, 5:20am
Nothing is routed through their system. They install a core of virus defintions on your computer. Anything new that has executable components is analysed for filename, size, and probably a quick hash of the data. If unrecognised, it probably sends a few hundred bytes to their servers to be compared with millions of known virus and trojan signatures.

johnf_456, Jun 5, 7:44am
avast, low on memory use and easy to use

tdc45, Jun 5, 8:35am
I agree with john_456 been using it for over two years now and no problems

king1, Jun 5, 8:41am
Free: Avast home
Paid: Eset Nod32

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