Advice with a mac

wimwam1, Jun 15, 10:49am
my iphoto won't allow me to close it import photos or do anything, it tells me it is already importing photos, but it isn't, how do I fix this!/

nzdoug, Jun 15, 8:03pm
Re start

wimwam1, Jun 16, 12:22am
it won't let me it tells me I have to wait for the photos to stop importing

wimwam1, Jun 16, 12:23am
it tells me I have to quit i photo before I can shut it down

navestrebor, Jun 16, 12:36am
Force quit. Go to the apple in top corner and select force quit, or right click the icon on your dock, and choose force quit.

gibler, Jun 16, 2:00am
your iphoto library might be damaged afterwards.!start=0&tstart=0

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