Vodafone has increased my broadband allowance,

jaja6, Jun 12, 10:48pm
from 60GB to 80GB for free. I think that is in response to Telecom's 'double data for free'. Competition is good for us consumers!

tiki-turtle, Jun 13, 12:36am
Yeah i just checked our vodafone bb has been changed to 80 GB too:-)

willz29, Jun 13, 1:43am
Competition is good, but vodafone isn't even competing 80gb compared to Telecoms 120gb for the same price. Really disappointing.

jaja6, Jun 13, 1:18pm
But Vodafone is cheaper, we are in Red zone and got a $15 discount with the MySky recorder.

rohb, Jun 13, 2:18pm
WTF .I was considering tosigned up for TELECOM for this very reason ! And I hate Telescum!.

us109, Jun 13, 5:27pm
Oh bugger!

I have just signed up to "Woosh" my mistake aye!

charles.j, Jun 13, 6:07pm
Yep, we got 80GB too

gilco2, Jun 13, 7:17pm
just checked, mine is still 60GB

velenski, Jun 13, 10:35pm
woosh has doubledtoo 200GB and free national calls for $109.95-$119.95 wow!

merlot06, Jun 14, 1:59am
Smaller data plans have not increased with Vodafone

cnw1, Jun 14, 4:32am
Well, mine's gone from 20GB to 40GB and I'm with Vodafone.

tigra, Jun 14, 4:43am
well I'm with Telstra and I get 40gb and only use about 4gb of it. Wish I could on-sell it.

froggyb, Jun 14, 6:45am
Vodafone are falling behind the times , they have been happy to have the market share for sometime on mobile phones (now slowly slipping from them) and really 20gigs top up for people on Vodafone who are gamers , they must be feeling ripped off (Nothing for naked dsl users yet). Promises from Vodafone "more to come" .Can hardly wait :) Tui time .Most other ISP's are realistically increasing there broadband plans with no affect on speeds.There will always be someone who wants more , some who say they have enough , etc. The principle is Vodafone needs to man up in be real to its faithful clients and not slap them with a wet fish (and like the petrol stations $1 for $1 data for data) , just my 2 cents worth so , people , don't go mental , if i don't like it , i vote with my $ and go elsewhere right :) .

sblaidler, Jun 14, 9:19am
Vodafone has been great for me

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