Laws about downloading torrents?

pentium4, Jun 14, 6:04am
So you download a torrent off the piratebay for example, use a program like bittorent to download it. your isp tracks you and what happens from there! heard they send 2 warnings then 3rd time its laters to internet and fine!

Still heaps of people out there downloading torrents! anyone got warnings from it!

babcorp, Jun 14, 6:10am
As far as I'm aware its not the torrent thats illegal as such, but the content IF it is in breach of copyright.

r.g.nixon, Jun 14, 6:12am
Bittorent is a protocol. Completely legal. The content is a completely different matter.

gibler, Jun 14, 6:16am

wellystretch, Jun 14, 6:20am
Or you use a VPN to obtain the mirror links from said website, then torrent it, no sweat.

fishb8, Jun 14, 6:23am
Loads of people are still downloading copyright protected stuff but ISPs aren't bothering to enforce - not even a first warning.

rahto, Jun 14, 6:32am
I thought the ISPs only follow up on it when requested by movie (or whatever) studios that suspect some people may be pirating.

cybertao, Jun 14, 6:41am
Lulz, so much confusion and misinformation.That's anarchy for you.

jcmp21, Jun 14, 6:54am
The law according to TMMB self appointed legal experts is ALL TORRENTS ARE ILLEGAL. In the real world though, only copyrighted material will get you in trouble with respect to the new legislation.

pheonix, Jun 14, 7:20am
Basically , the company/studio people detect a copyrighted program being downloaded/shared , then a note of the unique IP address is noted along with time/date. Then they fill out a form and with some dollars send it to the ISP who owns that IP address. The ISP looks up the records for whoever was using that IP number on that specific time/date. They then generate an email to the account holder with the warning.

magicmat, Jun 14, 7:25am
It does not take a genius to figure out the law is meaningless and has stopped nobody from downloading. What is worse is that those who are at an intermediate level of knowledge are still freely downloading all they want and its the ten year old girls downloading Lady Gaga tracks who will be getting the attention of the pirate police. The real 'pirates' just made small changes to the way they download. I cant say I know anyone who has stopped downloading, they did perhaps cut back for a short time but now nothing has changed.

Shows just how stupid the government really is.

cybertao, Jun 14, 7:30am
Yeah, stupid government.They should have been much more totalitarian and aggressive with anti-piracy laws if they want them to work.

I suppose they still can and probably will.

black-heart, Jun 14, 8:10am
That does nothing. the torrent software shares your IP while downloading the torrent file with others getting the same torrent. One of the others could be an agent for the copyright holder collecting IP's.You'd have to direct your torrent traffic through the vpn aswell.As you can imagine theres thousands of IP's to process it could be months before you get notified.

richms, Jun 14, 8:29am
Just rent a seedbox and do it all on there. Decent upload on it helps the ratio as well.

kingchappy69, Jun 30, 7:43pm
Cd,dvd,blue ray are actualy DISPOSABLE media,because of the greed of big bussines we pay 10times what its worth.I point to the old 5+3/4 inch flopy disc or the 3 inch disc or a vcr,the actaul media surface was protected by a sheeth or mechanism,i say that the dvd companies are in bed with each on this,so for this reason alone i say LONG LIVE TORRENTS and FU+K the man

guest, Jul 1, 8:21am
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