Anyone used Windows Movie maker?

bobkatt, Jun 13, 8:32am
It seems complicated.

r.g.nixon, Jun 13, 8:34am
Only twice. I don't remember it being complicated at all.

gyrogearloose, Jun 13, 8:38am
Several times. I found it less complicated than other video tools.

gj, Jun 13, 8:48am
Its one of the simplest video editors available - what problems are you having, maybe we can help.

henry284, Jun 13, 9:01am
I Lol'ed

pandora10, Jun 13, 9:49am
Very basic package.If I can use then it is Idiot proof.

ceebee2, Jun 13, 7:48pm
No sweat, it's easy to use.

chnman, Jun 14, 1:37am
If you have Vista or Windows 7 you should get Windows Live Essentials 2011, as this includes Windows Live Movie Maker. If it is already on computer, the computer manufacturer would have added it for you. If you have Windows XP, the above is not available so you will have the Windows Movie Maker (not "Live").
Comparison between WMM and WLMM:

Tutorial for WMM from Youtube:
Tutorial for WLMM from Youtube:

bifwmv, Mar 31, 2:52pm
Here is a DVD ripper ( ) which can rip video of DVD for editing on Windows Movie Maker.

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