Cheap Pre-Paid iPhone 3Gs in NZ...

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geek_westy1, Jun 23, 2:26 pm

.I basically want to see how many people are interested so I can look into this further. If you are interested in helping me out, give us a post on here. Thanks

geek_westy1, Jun 23, 2:44 pm

I'm Only Interested If you GIVE me a FREE Phone :D

geek_1clickaway, Jun 23, 2:47 pm

Haha I would love to be able to! But I don't think it is possible haha.

geek_westy1, Jun 23, 2:50 pm

give me an error message - Please make sure that your name is more than 3 characters long and your email address is correct.

my name is 4 characters...

geek_pcgeek, Jun 23, 2:58 pm

Hhaha dam regular expressions.will be running again soon

geek_westy1, Jun 23, 3:02 pm

Back again haha thanks for telling meshould work now

geek_westy1, Jun 23, 3:09 pm