Anybody use reseller hosting on

uvc, Jun 11, 12:46am
Just after anybody opinions on

Have been with hosting direct for a while but got an email last week saying they are almost doubling my monthly cost so think its time to move.

jancemord, Jun 11, 1:21am
Yep,I use them and Caleb is quick and awesome support.I have never had an issue

velenski, Jun 11, 3:10am
im thinking of moving from HD too ,cost has gone up :(

tmg, Jun 11, 4:01am
Do a Google search on NZ pages and look at the second page for all the complaints flowing in from others -- "yet to hear a good word about 24/7 Hosting and the list of unhappy customers continues to grow" seems to be clearly coming through somewhere else, if it is presumably the same CHCH crew

kiwitech1, Jun 11, 7:36am
Yeah, I've only been with Hosting Direct for a short time, so finding out they're going to virtually double their charges is making me think it's time to look elsewhere! Shame, really, as I like their interface.

mattnzw, Jun 11, 8:04am
How come they are going up! I thought internet costs were only going down these days.

kiwitech1, Jun 11, 8:09am
It's for reseller accounts (multiple website hosting on one account). They say they're upgrading their set-up, which is usually code for hiking prices!

nzlotrfan, Jun 11, 8:10am
I've been with 247 Hosting for a few years now, and I've found them to be excellent. When I signed up for domain name with them a few years back, they had the best prices. And from a quick glance at their website now, they still have pretty good deals.

_sms_, Jun 11, 8:25am
I've just moved (or in the process of moving) to HD and I think their pricing is great.On the medium plan,$23, we can host up to 20 websites.This is much less than our previous.

I understand this is not reseller hosting but works for us.

kiwitech1, Jun 11, 8:30am
The HD plan I'm trying out is probably the one you're on. However, my original cost was $29 (ex GST), they're now going to put me on a $49 (ex GST) plan.

It's not a lot, but I was just wanting to try them out before signing on long term, so a big jump straight away was a bit of a surprise!

_sms_, Jun 11, 8:59am
Yeah got an email from the on Friday about consolidating plans blah blah but the medium plan is now $25.

Not sure what you're talking about.

We are currently paying Kiwiwebhosting (Orcon) $38.50 for 9 websites.

adogsbone, Jun 11, 9:02am
Bloody hell, amazing what you can find on TM Forums, if your up for a good laugh check out Fair Go's website about this so called business;

kiwitech1, Jun 11, 9:18am
Here's part of the email they sent me. You must be one of their favourites to get a better deal!

"Due to a recent audit we have had to consolidate all Reseller hosting packages into a more manageable product line. As a result some customers have been moved to a slightly different plan or rate.

As of June 2012 you are on the Starter Reseller Package at a rate of $49.00 NZD Monthly."

_sms_, Jun 11, 9:25am
Yeah like I said above we're not on a reseller plan.

kiwitech1, Jun 11, 9:27am
Hmm, I must have missed what you found. Got a direct link to your plan on their website I can check!

nzlotrfan, Jun 11, 9:30am
That's interesting, I didn't see that story. Well from personal experience, 247 have been great, never had any problems. I know of a few different people who recommend them also.

_sms_, Jun 11, 9:56am
No sorry.Their website has been down for several days while they work on things.I can only get into the client area at the moment.

kiwitech1, Jun 11, 10:09am
Thought they'd be sorted by now!

Never mind, I guess all will be revealed in due course.

david13, Jun 17, 1:50am
You would think that almost a week later there website would be updated. Start to wonder what they are up to they obviously don't want any new business with no plans/etc able to be accessed on web site.

guest, Dec 13, 11:44am
From my current experience this service is appalling.
Upon signing up, I had access to my control panel and ftp. An hour later I get disconnected and I can no longer connect. I then discover that my IP address has been blocked from their main website.
I submitted multiple support tickets on high priority that are all being ignored. I also rang their phone numerous times to only be redirected on hold on a hold that is on a continuous loop.

This is a very dodgy service, in fact, Fair Go NZ even investigated :

Be warned about this service.

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