ACER - Funny that!

gj, Jun 10, 1:43am
Have you noticed a high percentage of the threads on here with computer problems seem to be with Acers.
Some people never learn.

vtecintegra, Jun 10, 1:44am
Have you noticed that a high percentage of computers sold are HP/Compaq and Acer!

Especially at the cheap end of the market.

gj, Jun 10, 1:46am
Yes - double jeopardy!

fingerscrossed2, Jun 10, 3:11am
May a forum for acers help might be an intertaining venture or a dump one HAHA

advcomp, Jun 10, 3:15am
omg! :) just stick the acer under your car and run the thing over.
get a hp trash the drive and reinstall clean os. or get a toshiba and do the same trash drive and reinstall clean os thay all come with bloat ware and junk. i have my own toshiba m100 and ive got no problems run windows 8 on 2gb ram and 2.8gb cpu and added heaps more mods inside like cam. yes im a tech.

wellystretch, Jun 10, 3:23am
I trashed the drive on my computer and now it doesn't work anymore, is it because I don't have a cam in mine like yours! Please respond.

fingerscrossed2, Jun 10, 3:26am
ive got an old benq A53 thats more reliable than acer crap around 6 years old i think and yes i am a tech that hates acer crap
like HP but think there after sales service needs a overhal toshiba are easy and reliable and cost friendlyfor the normal joe blog wanting an entry level system totally agree clean instal best way to go

fingerscrossed2, Jun 10, 3:28am
what did you hit the hdd with !

ttaotua1, Jun 10, 6:14am
Add another one! I should of read the boards before buying an Acer. It's only a week old and already the right arrow button has come loose.

vtecintegra, Jun 10, 6:19am
Well the'Acer laptop wont download files on disc' thread has nothing to do with the Acer laptop. The dead disk could have happened in anything (everyone uses disks from the same couple of manufacturers). The other two problems could be genuine Acer build issues.

Not saying Acer stuff is great quality or anything, but at the cheap end of the market everything else is garbage too

advcomp, Jun 10, 6:55am
lol wellystretch. i did nt say hit the dam thing with hammer.mean do a format and get you os dvd/cd out and do clean instal with ether with a dell dvd or hp xp sp3. with disk swap with the hp dvds. ps the web cam took me 4 hrs to figer out how to wire it direct to the laptop motherboard. as if you look up specs on a toshiba m100 it dont have cam if you want i can take a pic of where the cam is on it after the mods

wellystretch, Jun 10, 7:32am
Well at first I was going to smash two HP HDDs together and be done with it, but then I remembered two wrongs don't make a right. Unsure how to proceed.

black-heart, Jun 16, 6:47am
Most ofthose (even the asus someone linked) are hdd's, you guys realise acer don't make Hdd's and they are all old systems, gee the mechanical part of the computer wore out, big surprise.

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