Tablet advice please

garvan04, Jun 10, 2:37am
I'm using an old HP TC4400 for work and am impressed with what i can do with it for presentations.I'm using it for powerpoint presentations and being able to use the stylus to draw over images is very helpful. trouble is the work one is all locked up, no usb access, no internet access etc so I'd like my own for contract work I'm doing. I also like the ability to work on airplanes while travelling (takes up little room when in tablet mode)

There are TC4400 for sale at about $300. is there something else I should be looking at,I see heaps of new generation tablets for sale, will they be able to do the same thing (I really need a keyboard for fast typing)

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

merlot06, Jun 10, 3:54am
Try an Asus Transformer

vtecintegra, Jun 10, 4:27am
If you want something that runs Powerpoint and the other Office apps then you want a proper Windows device (like that HP)

While you can run apps that will read Office files on Android tablets and the iPad they're very far from fully featured

garvan04, Jun 10, 5:13am
Thanks vtec, that's what I was thinking, androids look cool but I really do need windows applications to run on it.I'll have a look at an Asus Transformer to see what that's about.


vtecintegra, Jun 10, 5:33am
The Transformer runs Android

lostdude, Jun 10, 7:10am
Get a Slate: I wouldn't bother with the cheaper ones unless you aren't overly concerned with performance.

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