Computer scammers.

patch2112, Jun 9, 9:04am
anyway we can stop them ringing up!Twice a night now for the last 2 -3 weeks.The novelty has worn off.

vtecintegra, Jun 9, 9:05am
Nope, just hang up

r.g.nixon, Jun 9, 9:06am
Speak to them quietly for a while - hopefully they turn up their volume. Then blast them with a whistle or loud alarm.

quotejoss, Jun 9, 9:13am
talk dirty to them, beats paying $9.99 a minute for it

alli2, Jun 9, 11:55am
Yep. Just ask them "what are you wearing" and breathe heavily. (works for me)

0900oxocube, Jun 9, 12:12pm
Contact your Phone provider (account) and get a 30 day international block.

0900oxocube, Jun 9, 12:13pm
And I was just ringing about your auctionLOL HA HAA HA

marty, Jul 1, 8:38am
IT WAS MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE martymartymartymartymartymarty

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