Help plse: Acer laptop wont download files on disc

I have a new Acer laptop & for some reason it wont download files from a disc I made on my old computer, the files are documents,photos & videos. I have tried searching the help section but nothing in there for this situation.I downloaded the software for my camera okay from a disc, so dont understand why the other disc doesnt seem to work.
Any suggestions as to what I can do about it. TIA

geek_andy956, Jun 9, 9:39 am

What sort of disc! how was it created!
How are you trying to 'download'! What error messages!

geek_gj, Jun 9, 9:42 am

Its verbatim disc, I created it by just copying all the documents,photos & videos I wanted to keep from my old computer. I dont get any error messages when I put the disc in the machine, it makes a couple of noises but not the reading noise.

geek_andy956, Jun 9, 9:47 am

You first need to try the disc on another computer to isolate the problem.If it works on the other computer, then copy the files to a USB stick and try that on your new Acer.If that works then try a different disk on the Acer to see if the drive is faulty.Then you will know a lot more than now.Good luck.

geek_smine, Jun 9, 10:12 am

Do this.

geek_wellystretch, Jun 9, 10:41 am

The disc I made does work on the old computer. The Kodak disc downloaded okay onto the new computer. Will get a USB stick & try that.
Thank you for the help.

geek_andy956, Jun 9, 10:55 am

From what you say I would suspect that the old computer has a disc writing issue, it can write and read its own writing but the new computer cannot read the disc.It would still be worth trying the faulty disc on another computer that did not write it - that could prove the point although not necessarily.You can see that a head alignment fault may still write and read its own work.

geek_smine, Jun 9, 11:17 am

Floppy disk! CD Disk!

This could be the case for a floppy disk. I'm surprised if its a new laptop that it has a floppy drive.

geek_gj, Jun 9, 11:32 am

No it happens for cds too, I have had it with writing on the computer and playing on my cd player, some other players will play it but mine won't.Write it on another computer and my player will play it.Anyway good luck.

geek_smine, Jun 9, 12:02 pm

Do you know if your disc writing software is set to master the disc so it is playable on other equipment (aka finalised), or if it is set to allow the disc to continue to be writable!

geek_sakofan, Jun 9, 4:29 pm