HP Officejet 6500A Plus Error C2FF0780

Hi, can anyone help with the above error message.After a while, printer flashes blue screen with this code and then all buttons flash.Recently downloaded a product update and it started after this.Am also using a continuious ink system.Much appreciated any help as have tried google and also HP help site but no luck.Thanks Kim

geek_klmc, Jun 9, 1:45 am

Roll back the up date or failing that uninstall the driver and download / install new one.

PS = If you re-installa new driver make sure you unplug USB first.

geek_ceebee2, Jun 9, 1:58 am

Thanks for that, do you know how to roll back the update when it was done directly on the printer!

geek_klmc, Jun 9, 4:02 am