Advice needed re new PC

Guys, would appreciate your kind advice re listing #482497700. Need a new PC mainly for video editing, do you think this would be OK!

geek_flower_tears, Jun 8, 5:57 pm

What software do you use!

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 8, 5:59 pm

Sony Vegas 10 . cheers

geek_flower_tears, Jun 8, 6:02 pm

This. A program like Avid will use up most of that RAM just sitting there, before you are able to do any actual work. Need more info.

geek_wellystretch, Jun 8, 6:04 pm

It will be fine.

geek_wellystretch, Jun 8, 6:06 pm

Thanks, appreciate your help :)

geek_flower_tears, Jun 8, 6:14 pm

Wow.9 minutes,case solved.

geek_hakatere1, Jun 9, 8:08 am

Yes should be OK - but a few points:
You need to buy Windows 7 - this only has a 30 day trial copy of everything.
If you install x64 version I would suggest you upgrade to 8GB RAM.
I'm also using Sony Vegas 11 andI average 15-20GB per video workspace (15 min video but 100+ clips to edit plus audio tracks etc).
Is 500GB HDD enough for you!
Also recommend dual monitor if you can - much more efficient when editing

geek_gj, Jun 9, 9:35 am