T-stick help advice please

I am going into hospital in a few weeks now what I want to know is what is the easiest way to get mobile broabdband while Im away and the cheapest we have vodafone at home but i dont want to go on a plan or anything as I wont use it again afterwards,my cell phone is 2 degrees if that helps Thankyou

geek_chris96, Jun 8, 10:19 am

2Degrees is the cheapest, if the hospital is in their zone. There isnt much difference between Telecom and Vodafone, both are insanely expensive.
You may want to check which gets better coverage at the hospital.

geek_datoofairy, Jun 8, 10:25 am

in Wanganui, 2 degrees piggybacks on the vodafone network. So they charge higher.

geek_mone, Jun 8, 10:36 am

Really! Do you have a link or comparison!

geek_wellystretch, Jun 8, 10:38 am

"T-stick" is the telecom branded mobile connection device (usb stick type thing)
"vodem" is the vodafone one
not sure what the 2deg people call theirs.

geek_drcspy, Jun 8, 10:55 am

You can use a 2degree's sim in a Telecom T-Stick without having to make any changes to software or anything like that.
How long will you be in hospital for!I 'think' you can buy Telecom T-Sticks for around $70 and they come with 1 or 2gb data preloaded.

geek_datoofairy, Jun 8, 11:17 am

I had read somewhere you could use a telecom stick and it will work with 2 degrees hopefully no longer than 3-4 weeks in hospital x fingers,so wont enough to last me that long,thankyou everyone for your help,i will dig deeper to find out whats the best option

geek_chris96, Jun 8, 12:12 pm

geek_fingerscrossed2, Jun 8, 12:19 pm

what sort of phone do you have!Perhaps you can just tether your phone to the laptop

geek_maugrim, Jun 8, 5:19 pm