Dell Laptop use 90w adapter instead of 120w

bronglen, Jun 8, 1:27am
My son has a dell laptop. He bought a 90w adapter instead of a 120w. Can he use this adapter without damaging the laptop! Thanks.

wellystretch, Jun 8, 1:37am
It shouldn't damage the laptop, but it might. He might get an error message saying it supplies insufficient power, or that the system will revert to low power/performance mode or a similar message. This would decrease performance significantly, if it supplies enough power at all to start the thing in the first place.

The important thing to look out for is to check if the VOLTAGE is the same on both chargers i.e 19V, I wouldn't risk it if there is a difference.

r.g.nixon, Jun 8, 1:44am
Check the underside of the laptop for the required Voltage. Keep within 5% of that. And Wattage should be equal or higher than what it says.

gj, Jun 8, 1:54am
Its more likely to overheat and burnout the adapter, than damage the laptop. However if it causes voltage drop it could also affect things like Hard Drive startup etc.
Best advice - exchange it!

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