Advice please, why does my computer go

roadkillcafe, Jun 7, 10:24pm
"beepbeepbeep.beepbeepbeep.beepbeepbeep"when i switch it on sometimes (but not all of the time) !i have to reset/turn off at switch at back/restart from button at front anything from a couple of times to many times to get rid of sound and get it goingi'm not computer savvy so any help much appreciated, cheers

r.g.nixon, Jun 7, 10:35pm
The meaning of beep codes varies by BIOS manufacturer - but check here

little_egypt, Jun 7, 10:54pm
Could be ram or video card not quite seated properly. I'd start by reseating them (take them out, make sure there's no dust in the socket, plug them back in and make sure they're all the way down with any clips firmly clipped shut)

Could also be bad caps giving you unclean power.

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